Emmaus Baptist College, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Florida. The school is directed by a board of trustees made up of three trustees from each of four churches: First Missionary Baptist Church of Auburndale; Eastside Baptist Church of Mulberry; Oakwood Baptist Church of Brandon; and Westwood Missionary Baptist Church of Winter Haven. The trustees elect a president of the college who is responsible for the supervision of the academic, student and financial affairs of the school. Other administrators and staff are appointed by the president and are responsible to him. The trustees have also chosen an administrative vice-president who oversees the day-to-day operation of the school.

The State of Florida Commission for Independent Education recognizes the exemption of Emmaus Baptist College, Inc., from governmental oversight under Florida Statute 1005.06(1)(f).

Although Emmaus Baptist College holds high academic standards, it is not accredited through any accrediting agency. Although some colleges, universities and seminaries have received credits and degrees from Emmaus Baptist College, they are under no obligation to do so.

Emmaus Baptist College is a member of the American Baptist Association of Theological Schools and subscribes to the Catalog of Uniform Standards.

  • First Missionary Baptist Church (Auburndale, FL)
  • Eastside Baptist Church (Mulberry, FL)
  • Oakwood Baptist Church (Brandon, FL)
  • Westwood Missionary Baptist Church (Winter Haven, FL)