With five areas of study to earn a bachelor degree and two certificate programs, Emmaus Baptist College offers students a wide variety of Biblically-based courses to pursue their calling for God’s Kingdom.

Bachelor of Pastoral Arts

This degree program is designed to train men preparing to become pastors through teaching a love and respect for the Bible and how to rightly divide the Word, in addition to teaching the ministry of “Chapel.”

Bachelor of Bible Languages

Students will acquire skill is in performing a complete exegesis of any Biblical text and develop the ability to research and study Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Bible.

Bachelor of Theological Studies

This degree is designed for the student that intends to serve in full time ministry and desires to have a robust knowledge of the Scriptures.

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Students will be taught truths from God’s Word and made aware of the humanistic philosophy and techniques used in “progressive” education today, retaining a traditional approach to education methods.

Bachelor of Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry curriculum is designed for the person who wishes to specialize in working with the adolescent in church or para-church capacity.