Elementary Education

At Emmaus Baptist College, we believe that all truth and wisdom come from God. Students are taught the truths from God’s everlasting revelation in the Scriptures and in God’s creation; they are made aware of the humanistic philosophy and techniques used in the “progressive” education today. The college retains a traditional approach to educational methods. The student who successfully completes this program will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Explain a basic academic knowledge of the history and philosophy of Christian Schools and education.
  2. Utilize skill in the various techniques, methods and strategies necessary for being an effective teacher.
  3. Show competency in structuring learning experiences for content and process in an environment that enhances growth and development of the whole person.
  4. Utilize a developed set of goals and role competency that have been demonstrated in supervised practice.
Course Hours
Audio Visual Aids 3
Child Psychology 3
Christian Counseling Techniques 3
Church History 1 3
Church History 2 3
Creation Science 3
Curriculum Development 3
Educational Psychology 3
Educational Research 6
Electives 15
English Composition 1 3
English Composition 2 3
How to Succeed in College Introduction to Philosophy 1 1
Leadership Principles 3
Leadership Principles 3
Literature & Poetic Books 3
Oral Interpretation 3
Practical Math 3
Principles of Teaching 3
Student Teaching 6
Teaching Methods for Language Arts 3
Course Hours
Bible Analysis & Interpretation 3
Bible Elective 3
Bible Geography 3
Manners & Customs of Bible Times 3
New Testament Survey 3
Old Testament Survey 3
Personal Evangelism 3
Theology 1 3
Theology 2 3