Missionary Health Care Certificate

The one-year Missionary Health Care Certificate Program is designed to prepare men and women to serve with the missionaries in foreign fields through providing basic hygiene and health needs. The program incorporates Bible, Missions, and Health topics. The curriculum includes lectures, audiovisuals, and demonstrations with practice in the skills lab.

The graduate of this program will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to enhance a mission through:

  1. Providing basic health care.
  2. Appreciation of cultural differences.
  3. Ministering to the spiritual needs of the people.
Course Hours
Bi101 – Old Testament Survey 3
MI103 – Village Health 2 3
MI103L – Village Health Lab 1 1
Sc105 – Human Anatomy 3
MI402 – Missionary Principles & Practices 3
Course Hours
Bi102 – New Testament Survey 3
Bi105 – Bible Analysis 3
MI406 – Comparative Religions 3
Mi104 – Village Health 2 3
Mi104L – Village Health Lab 2 1
Course Hours
Mi408 – Missionary Practicum 3